Carola Behrend

She is an international dancer with a variety of experiences in the fields of dance, theater and singing. His basic training was contemporary dance at the University of Cordoba. He studied with several dance teachers in Latin America and Europe. He dedicates himself to teaching dance-theater as a performer and creates shows. The dance practice proposal consists in working with the natural flow of body energy, bringing it to the expression of emotions starting from the inside.

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Stephanie porta l'esercizio in una nuova dimensione, con il fusion fitness si uniscono esercizio fisico, ballo e divertimento in un'unica intensa ora


Questa disciplina permette di mantenersi in forma con leggerezza e divertendosi, inoltre con l'esercizio costante permette di famigliarizzare e imparare passi di ballo e diversi ritmi

Stephanie Richina

Aimara is Psychopedagogue, Teacher of Hatha Yoga RYT300 and Yoga Kids RYT90 recognized for Yoga Alliance, teacher of Meditation / Mindfulness, Dance and YogaThai has dedicated more than fifteen years to practices of personal, sports and psycho-physical development, coming into contact with many disciplines for the well-being of body, mind and spirit. From 1994 to 2020 he delivered and participated in over 50 intensive seminars, short workshops and helped people in over 500 individual sessions.

Aimara Babbar


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Keri Gonzato

Keri approached yoga as a child and then rediscovered it later in the form of meditation, spending several months in India. She then became passionate about the intensity of Bikram Yoga in Berlin and Hawaii. He then continued to practice intensively experimenting with all styles, from kundalini to vinyasa flow. She trained with Kelly Griswold in Hatha Yoga and with Melayne and Cameron Shayne in Budokon Yoga. In the United States it formed in Dancing Freedom and is the first in Ticino to create regular spaces for Ectstaic Dance, a liberating form of free dance.


Kelly gode di insegnamenti yogici più avanzati che fondono filosofia, spiritualità e allineamento attraverso una pratica asana intenzionale e profonda, ma dinamicamente forte. 23 anni di insegnamento si sono trasformati in una passione per l'allineamento all'interno del movimento, tutto ciò che è spirituale e il matrimonio di entrambi. Il suo approccio è progettato per professionisti e insegnanti impegnati che cercano di essere potenziati dalla conoscenza e dall'esperienza. ERYT-500 / RYS – Registered Yoga School / YACEP /


Kelly Griswold


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